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Returns & Exchanges Made Simple

Thank you for shopping with Aurelian Sports. By investing in an Aurelian Sports dance pole you are helping small businesses and communities in many remote areas of China. We source the components for our dance poles from many small businesses around the city of Weihai. Often these businesses are comprised of one man and one machine! This is often their only job. We know each and every person that makes each and every component on our pole. There are 40 in total!

If there is anything wrong with your dance pole, we can go to the work-shop of the person that made the component and improve the process for next time. So please let us know! Please send us an email at

We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value. All parts are assembled, tested, checked, polished in our own factory before being packaged and sent to you. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for some reason, your item is not OK, our policy is to review the issue in photos or videos first. Most of the time, issues can be resolved through a bit of guidance on installation.

If the issue cannot be resolved, please arrange the return of the goods to us and we will exchange or provide a refund.

We suggest customers find a Grip-Pole to view before purchasing one. Please write to us with your city and we can tell you where you can see and try one. We are signing up more and more re-sellers every day.

Some important things to note:

  • Original shipping and handling fees are not refundable.
  • Please note: We will not refund or exchange poles if the "lip" on the pole join (where the two poles join) is 1mm or less.
  • All clothing and bags may be exchanged within 14 days of purchase. Refunds are available for faulty items however only after the item has been inspected. Original shipping and handling fees are not refundable. The customer is responsible for the return postage fees.
  • Studio poles - We offer free replacement on all parts for one year but only if the equipment is faulty (not if it's been used in-appropriately, not cleaned or the poles get scratched through use). All replacements and exchanges are first viewed via photographs and video to first try to assess and solve the problem. It is up to Aurelian Sports discretion to assess if something is faulty or whether it has been damaged through use. We assess fairly. Please note for our reference, we take photos and conduct third party checks of equipment before moving it to your studio to compare the goods with how they were sent and the condition they are reported in.
  • Studio pole maintanence - It is the responsibility of the studio owner to maintain their studio poles. We advise all studios to form a relationship with a local handyman and set a schedule for cleaning the brass professionally, checking the installation is safe, addressing small issues. We have found that a little bit of outside (local) help resolves small issues quickly and helps our customers understand their equipment. A professional clean also makes poles look new again. You'll notice the difference.
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