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The Aurelian Sports Brand, pole sports, pole fitness

Aurelian Sports is an exciting fitness and fashion company Aurelian is derived from the Latin name Aurum, meaning "gold or golden"


We create stylish pole sports, yoga, pilates and stretch products.


The Aurelian Sports brand is high quality, elegant and fashionable.
Gold is the predominant color.
An Aurelian Sports woman is stylish, a little sexy and likes sports.
The fashion lines are glamorous but comfortable.


We believe pole fitness is one of the best forms of exercise for strength, tone and flexibility.
It creates body awareness, develops self-confidence and builds friendships.
Bodies and confidence transform after doing two or more pole fitness classes a week.



Our aim is
to inspire people
to be strong,
toned and flexible.
Our mission is
to develop pole sport
into a wider accepted
method of fitness. .
Our brand motto is:
I refuse
to just be average


Aurelian Sports was established in July 2013.

The first product we've designed and manufactured is the Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole. Grip-Pole is a state of the art sports pole. It is part of a new wave of fitness gaining popularity as more and more people are interested in fitness, flexibility and living a long, healthy life.

We worked with a pole fitness instructor, an engineer and a specialised pole manufacturer to create a beautiful product that has been showcased to pole students, instructors and friends. All with good feed-back.

The Grip-Pole model is part of Aurelian Sport's performance series". Suitable for beginner to elite level athletes. It is a professional sports pole made with real brass on the outside and steel on the inside. Brass grip is the only metal that is rough enough to enable a grip but also smooth on the skin.

It is available in popular 38mm and 45mm tubing for advanced tricks and combinations and has both static and spinning functionality. It is the only fitness pole on the market with quick release static and spinning function, an oscillating base, smooth spin and effortless height adjuster function.

To ensure quality and safety, Grip-Pole has been stress tested. It can hold up to 200kg. It is a beautiful product that you will really love for the high quality brass, finishing and design.

In June 2014, Aurelian Sports started a communication campaign that brass is the best grip for pole athletes.

In January 2015, the International Pole Sports Federation made brass one-piece poles the standard for international pole sports competitions.

Aurelian Sports is the only company on the market producing premium brass fitness poles for home and studios.

In March 2015 we began operating our own factory in China.

Further Aurelian Sports products are currently being developed and will include gym bags and shorts, sports bra, tracksuit, hoodies, pole covers, and more!

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