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Pole fitness has been around since the mid 2000s. Now days, it is not “dancing on a pole” but more a serious fitness discipline requiring students to achieve a high level of skill and commitment.


The interest in pole dance has grown phenomenally with studios popping up all over the world and competitions are following suit. It is popular in both Western and Eastern cultures. It's amazing how popular it is with both men and women.

There are different types of competitions

Pole Sports

Pole sport includes no heels, only a little dance, and is made up mostly of tricks and extreme flexibility.

Pole Art

Pole art may or may not include stilettos and incorporate more dance, although tricks may certainly be part of a "show" or "artistic routine".

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing competitions encompass the beauty of the dance, sexy or not, and may or may not include shoes.

Important areas in particular that athletes have to pay attention to other than technique, is choreography, artistry and general physical preparation. Professional competition and a will to win make all athletes actively move forward in their performances and help to produce harder and more complex tricks which have mostly originated from Chinese circus, aerial acrobatics.

The Sports competitions promote fitness, flexibility and popularize healthy living to all ages.

Sport, art or dancing, the fitness side of it has changed so much that today it's not enough to just to devote your self to the pole once or twice a week for participation in competitions.

It requires a demanding daily schedule of training to improve technique and acrobatic skills and is an integral part in becoming a top competitor in any pole competition.

Today the age of pole athletes can vary from 5 to 65 years old.

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