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FAQ’s about pole sports and Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole

Is pole sport safe?

All exercise comes with a risk, but people tend to worry about the safety of pole sport when trusting the pole with all their weight. The safety of a pole lesson depends entirely on the instructor and the equipment used. Ensure that your pole instructor has all the necessary qualifications and certificates, is insured and is fully first aid trained. In most classes, especially for beginners there will only be a handful of people on the poles at once, meaning you will be fully supervised. Also check whether the make of pole used in the class is deemed safe and suitable by insurance companies.

If you are buying a pole for home use, make sure it has been safety tested in the same way as other gymnastic equipment.

Will I get friction burn?

Yes, and probably plenty of bruises too – pole dancing is harder than it looks! It is a challenging discipline which does require hard work and occasionally some pain, like any other sport. However, friction burn- or pole burn as it’s called between pole athletes - can be easily soothed with after sun gel.

Can men pole dance too?

Of course! Pole sports is becoming much more widely recognised between other athletes and gymnasts and the general public, meaning men and women of all ages are taking up classes.

What should I wear to a pole dancing class?

You need to wear shorts above the knee to a pole class, as you are required to grip the pole with your legs. Wear anything else you feel comfortable in, including jogging bottoms over the shorts for the warm up.

Is there anything I shouldn’t wear?

Do not wear tights under your shorts as this will make the pole slippery and dangerous. Also, you shouldn’t apply any moisturising lotion, cream or fake tan on the day of the class – this also makes the pole greasy and hazardous for you and other class members. It is also important to remove all jewellery before using the pole.

Do I need to bring any dance shoes or heels?

This depends on the type of pole class you are attending – for pole sports you will usually dance barefoot. Other types of pole dance lessons may request you wear heels for parts of the class.

Will I lose weight by going to a pole class?

Yes, pole sport is a whole body workout! If you are specifically looking to lose weight, we recommend you combine pole class with other cardiovascular exercise as part of your regime. Pole fitness will also tone you up everywhere and improve core strength and flexibility.

What if I’m too insecure?

Nowadays there is such a variety of ages, shapes and sizes at pole classes that there is really nothing to worry about. Yes you have to wear short shorts, but everyone will be too focused on their moves to notice your body hang ups.

What is the best type of pole to use?

There are many poles on the market, and the right pole for you comes down to individual preference. It is well known that compared to chrome, titanium and steel, brass poles have the best grip. The Grip-Pole is 100% brass and is soft enough to slide on. You can also choose a static or spinning pole once you progress through the discipline.

What is the difference between solid and plated poles?

A plated pole is made in the same way as a plated piece of jewellery – the material of the finish is only a thin layer on the exterior. Solid poles are made of either solid brass or stainless steel tubes. A plated finish on a pole should not wear off from dancing and tricks, however it can be damaged if the pole is dropped or scratched.

What extensions does the 38mm and 45mm Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole come with?

It comes with 2 x 1 metre main poles, a 50cm, 25cm, 12.5cm extension, plus the adjuster rod can safely extend to 12.5cm. In total the Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole can extend to 3 metres in height.

What pole diameter should I choose?

Aurelian Sports 38mm Grip-Pole is the perfect diameter for the human hand. It has been designed in-line with ergonomic design principles as to which is the safest grip. It is perfect for ceilings around 2.5 meters, usually found in new apartments and buildings. Although it is safe to use at higher ceilings you will experience more flex. The 38mm pole comes with extensions that will fit ceiling heights up to 3 metres.

The 45mm Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole is perfect for higher ceilings. You will feel less flex in the pole than the 38mm. Some people love the 38mm so they will be happy with a bit of flex in their pole even at the higher ceiling height. But if you want your pole to feel rock solid and with completely no flex, then choose the 45mm.

What is the difference between a normal pole and a competition pole?

Competition poles or performance poles are specifically designed to fit international pole competition requirements. It will exceed the normal ceiling heights for poles, and have the standard 45mm diameter.

I have a studio and I want to use the Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole. Which pole should I choose?

We recommend that you buy our studio poles. They come with permanent mount floor and ceiling plates. This means they have holes in the floor and ceiling plates so you can drill them to the floor and ceiling.

My studio ceiling is more than 3m high? Which pole is most suited to me?

The studio pole set. The studio pole set contains: 3 x 1 metre extensions, a 50cm, 25cm and 12.5 cm extension, plus the adjuster rod can extend to 12.5cm safely. The total height of a studio pole set = 4 metres. You can choose which extensions to use to fit your ceiling height.

The studio pole set also contains one set of permanent mount floor and ceiling plates.

Are studio discount rates available?

Yes! Absolutely. Please click here for more information on studio discounts and re-seller incentives.

What do I do if Aurelian Sports is currently not shipping to my country?

Please email to receive a quote for shipping and we will do our best to find you a competitive rate.

I am interested in wholesaling Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole. What should I do?

Aurelian Sports is in the process of carefully selecting our wholesalers. If you’re a buyer or retailer, we would love to hear from you. Please write to

For more information, write to Aurelian Sports at or talk to us on Facebook at Aurelian Sports. Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter to get pole sports updates.

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