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Competition Poles

  1. Competition Poles

    Aurelian Sports custom makes competition poles in-line with customer requirements. We make popular four metre 45mm pole sports competition poles, three and half metre 38mm poles for pole theatre or pole art competitions and most other height or widths you require. We have our own box truss set-up in our factory to test the poles to ensure they meet your requirements before they arrive at your competition. Our poles, its fixings and all moving and working parts are strong enough to withstand the lateral force of 180kg jumping at and rotating on the poles at speed. We use high quality bearings that have been tested to ensure that they perform continuously over a 48 hour period.

    Our rigging clamps have safety certificates and we check the deflection of the equipment with weight load testing. We are the only company on the market that makes a pole with quick release static and spinning function, so you can change functions fast between competitors. We encourage and invite competition organizers to visit our factory and try the poles before the day of the event. Alternatively video footage can be sent of the equipment performing under various tests. For more information email us at or request a quote below.

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