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Why is our pole called Grip-Pole?

It's simple really. It has the perfect grip! The Grip-Pole model is part of Aurelian Sport's performance series. All of our performance poles have real brass tubing on the outside and steel on the inside.

In comparison to highly polished materials such as chrome, titanium, or polished steel, brass is the smoothest, grippiest metal, yet, it is still soft enough to slide on. Grip-Pole can hold up to 200kg and are designed for pole sports.

Grip-Pole is a beautiful product that you will really love for the high quality brass, finishing and design.
 It has been designed in-line with ergonomic design principles. Our smallest pole, the 38mm Sports Pole is the perfect grip size for the human hand! Below you'll see the average hand measurements of men and women around the world.

Source: The Measurement of Man & Woman: Human Factors in Design (2001), Henry Dreyfuss Associates and Henry Dreyfuss

The Power Grip

Did you know that a "power grip" is where the fingers are bunched firmly around an object and overlapped by the thumb.

The diameter should just be thick enough to separate the finger-tips from the palm. In this situation the forearm muscles have shortened half-way through their available range of contraction, and they are at their most efficient, because of the mechanics of the line of pull.

Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole is perfect for achieving a "Power Grip"

Our 38mm Sports Pole is the perfect size for gripping. It allows you to contract your forearm muscles tightly and securely to do spins, holds, inversions, kick-ups, you name it! It will also make it easier for you to do the tricky moves that require you to wrap your back and shoulders around a pole, such as the ballerina. 

Grip-Pole gives you the perfect grip when you are upside down

When you are upside down, you will feel safer using an Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole as you can put your fingers into the "power grip with precision" position. Every good pole sports instructor will teach you how to hold yourself upside down in the "power grip with precision" position. That means your thumb is pointed down!!

When holding the pole firmly in this kind of grip, movements are carried out by the powerful muscles of the forearm, upper arm and shoulder, and not by the fine and delicate muscles in the palm of the hand. The positions of the finger joints are fixed by the shape of the grip, which further fixes the small hand muscles.

Brass Pole is the most suited to you

45mm is the standard pole size for pole sports competitions. It is thicker in diameter than the 38mm and without as much flex. It is therefore perfect for pole sports athletes. Not only do we offer 45mm portable home poles, we have developed championship poles. Visit our shop section for more information on championship poles.

Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole is also available in 38mm and 45mm competition size.

For a detailed description, pricing and more information about our pole fitness equipment visit our Shop.

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