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10cm extension 38mm

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10cm extension 38mm



Includes sales consulting, logistics planning and after-sales service. "Want your pole cheaper? Buy from one of our re-sellers listed on the front page of our website"

This product costs IDR220.00 from Aurelian Sports dance studio re-sellers. Contact one of our re-sellers on our landing page to purchase this product at the cheaper price. All sales and after-sales service will be handled through the dance school with the support of Aurelian Sports staff.


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    38mm is the perfect grip size for the human hand! It gives the strongest possible grip ("precision grip") and allows you to grip safely when you are upside down. Recommended for lower ceiling heights. The 38mm is the best at heights of 2.5 - 2.7m. Although it is safe at higher heights, the higher the height, the more flex it has Consists of:

    • World's first quick release static and spinning function. Perfect for fitness studios and competitions needing to install equipment and change between spinning and static quickly.
    • Real brass tubing on the outside. You can use it time and time again. Sand it down, shine it up. It comes up a beautiful gold color once it's polished.
    • Steel on the inside. It's super strong and can with-stand the most demanding pole sports tricks including doubles
    • Full set includes the following extensions: 1.1m main poles, a 50cm, 25cm, 12.5cm extension, plus adjuster rod can safely extend to total height of 3.294m
    • Oscillating base - spins freely on uneven surfaces
    • High quality bearings for endurance and a super smooth spin
    • Effortless height adjuster
    • Safety lock to ensure the pole will never fall down
    • Floor plate - small floor plate to step around easily
    • Light coloured TPC material on top and bottom plates that won't mark your floor or ceiling
    • Smooth with no rough edges. No cover sleeve. The pole is smooth from top to bottom Spinning and static functionality
    • Easily cleaned with leading brass polishing products. We recommend Brasso and CRL Autosol Shine Metal Cleaner
    • Weight load tested by SGS Technical Services Co, Ltd. Can hold weight up to 200kg
    • Set includes a FREE leveler to ensure your pole is straight
    • Designer carry bags sold separately

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