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Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole, Fitness Fashion

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Aurelian Sports is an
exciting fitness and
fashion company

Aurelian is derived from the Latin name Aurum meaning "gold or golden". We create stylish pole sports, yoga, pilates and stretch products.

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The first product we've
designed and manufactured
is the Aurelian Sports

Grip-Pole is a professional sports pole made of solid brass. In comparison to materials such as chrome, titanium, or polished steel, brass is the grippiest metal, yet, it is still smooth enough to slide on.

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We believe pole fitness is
one of the best forms of
exercise for strength,
tone and flexibility

It creates body awareness, develops self-confidence and builds friendships. Bodies and confidence transform after doing two or more pole fitness classes a week.

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Latest Testimonials

"I am very pleased with my grip pole. I always suffer in our local school classes, as soon as I get a bit sweaty I completely lose any leg grip. Your Grip-Pole has an excellent finish creating good adhesion for hot slippery skin, so I am now getting the best grip that I have ever been able to achieve at home. Also as a professional engineer I am impressed with your overall design of the pole. The Grip-Pole is definitely the best pole I have used since I started poling 2 1/2 years ago and I have tried quite a few as well as having facilities to make my own (if I had the time)."

[Chris W.]

"I use the gym bag daily and the pole bag is used by my good friend/pole instructor. The bags are great, thanks."

[Stephanie H.]

"Received my 6 poles along with beautiful gold bags that are so amazing you could take them out! Poles are exceptional. Exactly like the brass I began my love of pole on. Best quality Tracey, you should be very proud of yourself."

[Lauren H.]

"I am so happy to finally have a Grip Pole in my lounge room!!! It was well worth the wait, even if it ended up being a surprise from my boyfriend... Its perfect- easy for one person to assemble takes no time at all before it's up and running and it can be packed away into the cutest carry bags for transport. I thought I might need extra extensions as my celling was a height of around 2.9m/3m- but it fits perfectly and the adjuster at the top and bottom makes it easy to install. Extended at that height, it still has enough flex and strength for me to practice my advanced tricks on (even my boyfriend gave it a spin to try it- his first pole experience). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect pole for me at home and best part is that its a brass 38mm which you can't get anywhere anymore... AND I'm the first in Australia to have one YAH :) :) :) I am excited to have it. I'm so glad you decided to start making them!!! ♥ my pole "

[Heidi W.]

"Loving my poles! They are so beautiful along with lovely and grippy. The bags are great the cherry on top so to speak."

[Kirstie T.]

"We chose Aurelian Sports for their passion and enthusiasm to introduce pole fitness to mainstream China. We chose their product for the strength and functionality of their poles. Also the company has the right cultural fit to Wills, promoting pole fitness as a sport. We believe it will be a popular and fun work out for our members."

[Wills, Chief Executive Officer, Rocky Chau]

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